"Als je plezier hebt in wat je doet, voelt werk niet als werk"

Internationale Studenten en werk in Nederland

27 september 2016 | Door: Talentflex

The Netherlands want to keep foreign students

The Dutch government wants to stimulate foreign students to stay in the Netherlands after their studies. Minister Bussemaker wants to do this by connecting students with potential employees during their studies, providing better information about a career here and with language courses. The action plan ‘Make it in the Netherlands’ must help to keep international talent available for the Dutch market.

Studies show that 70 percent of the international students want to stay in the Netherlands, but only 27 percent actually does. One of the most important considerations in the decision to stay is language skills, is stated in an advice that the Social Economic Board (SER in dutch) published. Because Dutch people usually speak English quite well, foreign students aren’t forced to speak Dutch. However, if they want to stay Dutch does become a requirement, according to the government. That’s why an online language course, a massive open online course (MOOC), is launched and the courses that already exist are more easily accessible by a digital platform.

Cultural integration is also an important factor, according to the SER. Right now, Dutch and foreign students live separate lives. Buddy’s from the Netherlands that help foreign students find their way could help to shrink the distance between the different nationalities. Mixed housing is also incorporated in the plan. This would make it easier for the exchange student to develop personal relations with Dutch people.

Regional cooperation between institutes for higher education and business should lead to more internship spots and more part-time jobs for international students. Also, the complicated administrative tasks that students have to go through to organize their stay here will be simplified where possible.

The action plan is set up together with several social partners, like Nuffic, ESN, LSVb and ISO.